Health and Local Government Innovations

Our Pitch & Talk format is a cross between Dragon’s Den, an unconference, and a speed dating session. These showcases enable participants to hear about lots of new ideas and engage immediately with their developers in face-to-face discussions. There is more information about how it works below, under the pitch timetables.


28 June: timetable of pitches



0915 West Midlands AHSN: getting the business model right - how SMEs might think differently about growing a market, and health & care organisations might think differently about SMEs - Neil Mortimer, Business Manager, WMAHSN (table 15)

0925  Digital Birmingham projects: Birmingham’s Big Data Corridor for SMEs; City4age (using the Internet of Things for the frail and elderly); congestion and air quality data. Fiona Ollerenshaw, Digital Birmingham. (table tbc)

0935  BetterPoints: tailored health and wellbeing-related motivational incentive programmes customised for targeted audience groups. Dan Gipple, CEO BetterPoints (table 11)


1005  CC2i: the process for crowdfunding/kickstarting digital collaboration for local authorities, housing associations and health organisations across the UK. Jane Hancer, Director of Innovation, CC2i. (table 4)

1015  Jadu/Birmingham City Council: how we took 70 service areas on a journey to change how they think about their web content and to focus on what works best for the customer. Sue Hopkins, Birmingham City Council and Matt Culpin, Jadu. (table 10)

1025  Granicus (including the GovDelivery Communications Suite) /Warwickshire CC: embracing digital communications to engage citizens and improve outcomes. Jayne Surman, Marketing and Communications Manager, Warwickshire County Council. (table 3)


1055  Crown Commercial Service: how London Borough of Newham worked with Unboxed using the Digital Outcomes & Specialists agreement.Gareth Bayliss, Digital Future Category Lead. (table 8)

1105  Konnektis: Bringing formal and informal care networks together to improve care outcomes, enhance safeguarding and reduce costs - Mark Howells, Managing Director, Konnektis (table 2)

1115  Family Story - FutureGov/Tri-borough: designing world class digital children's services. Debbie Raymond, Head of Strategic Commissioning,Tri-Borough, and Emma McGowan, Project Director, FutureGov (table 6)


1145  Consentua: capturing consent to process personal data, enabling data subjects to change things easily, and encouraging data controllers to be explicit with their planned data use and compliant with GDPR requirements. Chris Cooper, Co-Founder, KnowNow Information Ltd (table 7)

1155  Total Transport - FutureGov: 40% cuts to rural transport since 2010 is increasing social isolation, reducing economic growth and impacting our health. How might we use digital to rethink how transport is provided in our communities? Dominic Campbell, Managing Director, FutureGov. (table 6)

1205  Social Value Exchange: getting resources to community projects (and helping government suppliers win contracts). Dan Ebanks, CEO and co-founder, Firesouls. (table 5)


1235  New Local Government Network: collaboration as the next frontier of productivity. Lucy Terry, New Local Government Network (table 1)

1245  Caja: A commercialisation model for local government addressing the change in culture needed for an authority to become financially sustainable while meeting political and public service priorities. Jason Burg, Director, Caja. (table 14)

1255  ORCHA: Better apps for better outcomes. Nicky Runeckles, Business Development Director, ORCHA (table 9)

1305  Planx: translating local council planning guidance into a web-based parametric tool, making it simple for householders to submit compliant and correct home extension applications. Alastair Parvin co-founder, WikiHouse Foundation. (table 12)


1335  Witan/Mastodon C: using data science to enable collaborative, data-driven decision making on big local government questions. Shawn Jhanji Mastodon C (table 1)

1345  NE Lincolnshire/FutureGov: lifting the lid on digital maturity readiness factors  from technology to culture, capability to governance. Helen Knights and David Ferguson, North East Lincolnshire Council and Dominic Campbell, Managing Director, FutureGov (table 6)

1355  NHS Digital: the Health & Social Care Network. Patrick Clarke, Interim Programme Director, NHS Digital (table 15)

1405  BetterCare - LookingLocal: digital self-service Adult Social Care financial assessment designed to reduce numbers of failed care packages, time to process financial assessments, assessment backlogs and home visits – Lianne Viney, Looking Local (table 13)




29 June: timetable of pitches



0915  Devon County Council: we are the first local authority to make our information resource for staff and partners (eg the NHS) open and accessible to the public. Tom Dixon, Digital Communications Manager, Devon CC. (table 6)

0925  Transfort for the West Midlands: connected and autonomous vehicles and digital/data infrastructure (including a demo of the tfWM API). Stuart Lester, digital projects officer, Transport for the West Midlands. (table 13)

0935  AccessIn: a simple web accessibility maintenance tool enabling site users to report issues in real time so website owners can resolve issues fast to comply with legislation and make sites more accessible for all. Gavin Evans, Director of Operations, Digital Accessibility Centre. (table 10)


1005  Dataplay - Plymouth City Council: we run regular Data Play Days to improve data collection and use and create business opportunities. We are the first council to partner with Crowdfunder to distribute community funding itransparently and in an accessible way online. Hannah Sloggett, Neighbourhood Planning Manager. (table 9)

1015  Data Mill North: Turning open data into useful products like apps for bin days or to identify social isolation. Stephen Blackburn, Senior Information Governance Officer, Leeds City Council. (table 1)

1025  Good Things Foundation: designing for the digitally excluded. Learn My Way and the principles of digitally inclusive service design. Adam Micklethwaite, Director of Business and Innovation, Good Things Foundation. (table 2)


1055  SSL testing: Is your SSL certificate actually keeping your web visitor data safe? Results from testing and what to do about it. Bruce Thompson, 1ugly crazy roboT. (table 15)

1105  VerifyLocal/Buckinghamshire County Council: transforming the online process for residents’ parking permits: outputs from Verify local pilots Discovery and Alpha phases - Colin Harris, Buckinghamshire County Council. (table 4)

1115  VerifyLocal/Oxfordshire County Council: transforming the online process for concessionary travel. Outputs from Verify local pilots Discovery and Alpha phases.Robert Hill and Abigail Barker, Oxfordshire County Council (table 4)


1145  ScanStation - Looking Local: this app enables customers to self-scan documents to support a range of government services and has a proven business case. Andrew Jackson, Looking Local. (table 7)

1155  The National Cyber Security Centre: launching soon, the NCSC Web Check service will make it easy to identify and fix common security issues affecting digital services. Peter Wrobel and Philip Clarke, NCSC. (table 3)

1205  Good Things Foundation: Digital Inclusion in a Place - programmes that work across multiple policy/service areas, taking advantage of big opportunities creqated by devolution, showcasing work with Leeds, Islington, Tower Hamlets and others. Adam Micklethwaite, Director of Digital Inclusion, Good Things Foundation. (table 2)


1235  Inside Outcomes Referral Tool: this app supports brief, whole person assessments and then identifies local agencies best suited to help and support social care clients. Darren Wright, Inside Outcomes. (table 8)

1245  ThoughtWorks/Stockport Council (table 12)

1255  Satori Labs: Proposal for local authority collaboration to share headline data for council website visits. Many local authorities are interested in benchmarking their headline visitor data with other councils. This can be done at low cost with open access to results. Ben Proctor, Technocal Director Satori Labs (table 13)




Details of many of the featured apps and innovations - from local authorities, start-ups and established players – have been published on our online showcase Public Service Digital Exchange.

Pitches should be designed to reveal just enough for the audience to decide whether they would like to find out more.

Each 'pitcher' hosts a table throughout the day, where delegates can join them for follow-up discussion to share knowledge and create opportunities and collaborations.

See our short video about how it works.

Refreshments are available throughout the day and lunch comes in a bag, so all available time can be used productively.

If you are attending CLG Live please note your ‘must see' pitches in advance. You can drop in and out of innovation sessions according to other events and workshops you want to attend. 

We may be able to consider last minute addtions to our pitches. Upload your innovation now to Public Service Digital Exchange if you'd like it to be considered, and use the 'contact us' facility to tell us you've done so.

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